About me


Sebastian Lightfoot composer, producer and director.


Starting at the age of 12 Sebastian wrote his first peace of music.

Sebastian was inspired by music of the 70's 80's en 90's like Giorgio Moroder, Vangelis,

Enya, Jean Michel Jarre, Nova, OMD, FWO and Kraftwerk but also by movie

score writers like Ennio Morricone, John Williams and Danny Elfman.



In 1998 Sebastian's Fatamorgana 2 was used in a TV special called Regatta Time.

It was aired on SBS 6 and Veronica television in the Netherlands for a full year.

In 1999 this TV show was also aired in Aruba.



One of his best teachers in music production is the one and only Alan Parsons while

studying at the RBS Groep in Rotterdam.

Sebastian: '' I learned a lot from him, not only how to make music, but also the technical

side of music and the most important bit the harmony in the music compositions".



Sebastian's music varies from melodic Pop to World music, sometimes

classical and Ambiant.

His music is for all times.

Some of his hit songs are: And The Birds Are Singing, The Penguins From Texas,

Raptor, Raptor 2, Goblin, Dark Night, and Mambo Jambo.



In 2014 he made the documentairy about NASA's Apollo Missions 17-20.

This documentary shows that humans did not evolve from apes.

It shows we are brought here by something or someone else!

Featuring songs Sebastian Lightfoot Magic Fly and Supernova.

Directed by Sebastian.



In 2017 he created his first youtube serie called '' Trappist One ''

It's about the discovery of the 7 exoplanets by Nasa.
Directed, written and soundtrack (A New World) by Sebastian.



Spotify has created a official editorial playlist of the essential Sebastian Lightfoot Tracks.

At the moment Sebastian is working on a new album.(2019)